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K-9 Defenders Series

In His Protection

She’s the sheriff. He’s the police chief. He can’t forget their one night together.  More Information ▸

To Hold and Protect

It’s a deadly game of cat and mouse… More Information ▸

Her Delta Force Protector

Everyone thinks Harper Jansen is dead. She is not, and she wants her life back. More Information ▸

Operation K-9 Brothers Series

Operation K-9 Brothers


He has one objective… heal and return to his SEAL team. Falling in love isn’t a part of the plan, but a middle of the night wrong number changes everything.  More Information ▸

Mountain Rescue

A woman on the run. A wounded SEAL who wants to become invisible.

Two strangers, one mountain cabin.  More Information ▸

Keeping Guard


On medical leave from his SEAL team, all he wants is a bit of peace. What he gets instead is a runaway bride in need of a bodyguard.  More Information ▸

Blue Ridge Valley Series

Just Jenny


The small mountain town of Blue Ridge Valley is the home of three best friends, Jenny, Autumn, and Savannah. Each woman believes she has her life perfectly planned,  but there is a saying in the mountains… If everything is coming your way, you’re in the wrong laneMore Information ▸

Still Savannah


He was her first love, the boy who broke her heart. When her life falls apart she turns to the man he is today. She is a wounded soul, and he is just the man who can help her heal, but only if he dares to risk his heart again.  More Information ▸

All Autumn


They were friends before they became lovers. They promised they would never hurt each other, that their friendship would always come first. But as often happens, the best-laid plans often go awry.  More Information ▸

Caitlyn’s Christmas Wish


A surprise daughter, an unlikely attraction, and a Christmas wish…  More Information ▸

Aces & Eights Series

Jack of Hearts

JackOfHearts_3dHe’s an F.B.I. agent, working undercover. She’s his target’s cousin, a reliable source of information on the drug cartel family he’s investigating. Under no circumstances can he fall for her. More Information ▸


King of Clubs

He loves his brothers, the FBI, and his Harley. As for the woman he’d once loved . . . he thought he was over her.

More Information ▸


Ace of Spades

She’s his partner. His best friend. And completely off limits.

More Information ▸


Queen of Diamonds

Looking for a family she never knew… She finds a love she never expected.

More Information ▸

K2 Special Services Series

Crazy for Her

crazyforher_cover_smA contemporary romance (book one of the men of K2 Special Services) about a former SEAL with dark secrets who learns the healing power of love. More Information ▸


Someone Like Her

someonelikeher_cover_smA contemporary romantic suspense (book two of the men of K2 Special Services) about a man who must risk all for the woman he loves. More Information ▸


Falling for Her

fallingforher_cover_smA contemporary romantic suspense (book three of the men of K2 Special Services) about a man seeking redemption for the sins of his youth, and the violet-eyed beauty in need of protection who tempts him to stray from the path he’s determined to travel. More Information ▸

Lost in Her

lostinher_cover_smA contemporary romantic suspense (book four of the men of K2 Special Services) about a man once betrayed, who vows he will never love again, and the feisty aerobatic pilot who will take him for the ride of his life, if only he will trust her. More Information ▸

Only Her

OnlyHer_3dA former SEAL sniper will risk anything—even his heart—to protect his beautiful neighbor (book five of the men of K2 Special Services).  More Information ▸

Regency Series

The Duke’s Obsession

thedukesobsession_cover_smWhen a villain bent on revenge threatens their second chance at finding happiness, Christian and Katherine must fight against events from the past if they want a future together. More Information ▸

The Letter

theletter_cover_smA regency romance story of betrayal -- a love torn apart by an evil man. More Information ▸

The Training of a Marquess

trainingmarquess_cover_smA regency romance story about a marchioness who works her horse whispering magic on a man determined not to love again. More Information ▸