Short Stories

A Promise of Seduction

I won’t do it,” Lady Carolyn Westerly said, glaring at the man standing too close. She stomped her foot for extra emphasis. The earl, heir to a dukedom, arched one dark brow, clearly unconcerned about her little tantrum.

The man needed to step away, far enouMore Information ▸gh to where she couldn’t catch his scent. Sidetracked—something her father claimed happened too often to her—she took a furtive sniff, trying to determine if it was bergamot he wore. Whatever it was, she liked it.

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Someone Like Her ~ The Wedding

"Jake's going to drool as soon as he sees you in this dress."

"He better not drool in the middle of our wedding." Maria Kincaid pressed her hands against her stomach in a futile attempt to calm the butterflies cavorting in there. She gave her sister-in-law a weak smile. "Were you this nervous when you and Logan got married?"

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