Lost in Her

(K2 Special Services Series Book 4)

After his wife's betrayal, Ryan O'Connor, aka Doc, vows he will never love again. After leaving the SEALs, he joins the members of his former team at K2 Special Services, and even though he thrives on living on the edge and facing danger, something is missing. The last thing he expects is for a feisty stunt plane pilot to take him on the ride of his life.

Charlene—call me Charlie—Morgan has a no-hot-guys-rule because past experience has proven that they'll break a girl's heart. From the moment she sets eyes on Ryan O'Connor, though, she decides some rules are made to be broken. When someone sabotages her aerobatic plane, Charlie expects Ryan to see her as too much trouble.

Ryan proves, however, that there are some hot guys a girl can depend on. As the search for who is messing with her plane narrows down to a small list of suspects, time is running out, and Ryan fears he won't be able to save the woman he loves.

Lost in Her is book four of the men of K2 Special Services.