Someone Like Her

(K2 Special Services Series Book 2)

Owens's account of a family search gone wrong is a real nail-biter! Readers will immediately fall for Jake, who will take their breath away every chance he gets... It's apparent that Owens understands love - and you just might, too, once you near the end.”  RT Book Reviews

Named for three presidents, Jackson Kennedy Buchanan is proud of his SEAL nickname. Jake, known to the team as Romeo, has yet to meet a woman he didn't like. There is one though who sets his heart to racing in a way the others don't. She is off-limits, however, and his boss—her brother—has made that very clear.

Troubled by a childhood that still haunts her, Maria Kincaid goes searching for a father she's never met. With a list of three possibilities, she decides to pay a call on the man living closest and interrupts an assault on a teenaged girl. After barely getting her and the girl away, Maria realizes she's left her purse behind and the attacker now has her name and address.

Unable to return to her apartment, she hides out in a motel room and calls Jake Buchanan, her brother's second in command, and tells him she's in trouble. Jake, a man who believes he isn't capable of committing to one woman, knows he should stay as far away from Maria as possible. She's in trouble though and he'll just lend a hand, then return to his life as Romeo.

As Jake soon learns, some things are easier said than done.

Someone Like Her is book two of the men of K2 Special Services.